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AB32 – Protecting our Enivornment & Economy

A strong economy – Or – A healthy environment.

In Silicon Valley, we know this is not an either/or decision – but an And. We can have both a strong economy and a healthy environment – In fact, we must.

Four years ago, California enacted AB 32 – the Global Warming Solutions Act – reducing greenhouse gas emissions, curtailing our over-dependence on foreign oil and strengthening our renewable energy economy.
Sadly, Texas oil companies like Valero are bank-rolling a ballot measure to stop AB 32, muscling in with campaign contributions of $1 million apiece.

  • At a time when Californians need jobs the most, clean & green jobs are a bright spot on California’s otherwise cloudy economy.
    • Between 1995 & 2008, green jobs grew by 36 percent, while total jobs grew by only 13 percent.
    • And when California’s economy plummeted in 2007 & 2008, green jobs grew by 5 percent. These jobs are fueling our economic recovery.  Texas oil companies are trying to siphon off our economic success, leaving us plugged in to their pumps. 

Let’s remind out-of-state special interests that we know better in Silicon Valley.  Let’s fight for a strong economy AND a healthy environment. Let’s protect AB 32.

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  1. Take a moment to support California by signing a pledge not to support Valero oil companies ballot to repeal AB 32.

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