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Microsoft is proud to be one of the Valley’s top corporate philanthropists, and we seek partners that can help us have a real impact in the community.  Each edition of Catalyst Magazine highlights a local issue and explores the work of stellar Silicon Valley nonprofit organizations. View the latest edition at



Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

Space is a demanding environment. But, with systems built by Lockheed Martin, space is where the future takes flight, through partnerships that raise global communications, weather forecasting, space exploration and national security to new levels. Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company designs, develops, tests, manufactures and operates a full spectrum of advanced-technology systems for national security, civil and commercial customers. Chief products include human space flight systems; remote sensing, navigation, meteorological and communications satellites; space observatories and interplanetary spacecraft; fleet ballistic missiles; and missile defense systems. Lockheed Martin Space Systems, with major operations in Denver, Colo., and Sunnyvale, Calif., is focused on several core lines of business, including Civil Space, Military Space, Commercial Ventures, Special Programs and Strategic & Missile Defense Systems.

As an industry leader in global security and information technology, Lockheed Martin provides products and services that address some of the nation’s most critical issues. Our contribution doesn’t end with a commitment to support our country’s needs and economic growth. As a responsible corporate citizen, we also play an active role in helping to strengthen the quality of life in our country and the communities where we live and work. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is the major focus of Lockheed Martin’s education outreach activity.

For more information on Lockheed Martin’s STEM education support, go to:



Infinera specializes in Digital Optical Networking solutions that are designed to continually improve the economics of optical networking by combining the speed of optics with the simplicity of digital.  Infinera is unique in its use of breakthrough semiconductor technology: Large Scale Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC). Infinera’s platforms leverage PIC technology to provide customers with a service-ready architecture that enables faster time-to-revenue and greater profitability through network efficiency and the ability to rapidly deliver differentiated services without reengineering their optical infrastructure.

Dave Welch, the co-founder of Infinera, is also the founder of Students Matter. Students Matter is the sole sponsor of Vergara vs. California, a lawsuit designed to remove barriers from the education code that make it nearly impossible to identify and reward quality teachers and almost equally as impossible to remove those who persistently underperform. The case challenges three provisions of the education code: mandated seniority-based layoffs (LIFO), the process for granting teacher’s permanent employment, and teacher dismissal procedures. For more information, please visit or follow us @Students_Matter.



Synopsys is a world leader in electronic design automation (EDA), supplying the global electronics market with the software, IP and services used in semiconductor design and manufacturing. Synopsys’ comprehensive, integrated portfolio of implementationverificationIPmanufacturing and FPGA solutions helps address the key challenges designers and manufacturers face today, such as power and yield management, system-to-silicon verification and time-to-results. These technology-leading solutions help give Synopsys customers a competitive edge in bringing the best products to market quickly while reducing costs and schedule risk. Synopsys is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has more than 60 offices located throughout North America, Europe, Japan, Asia and India.

The Synopsys Outreach Foundation supports students and teachers engaged in project-based learning at schools in Silicon Valley and across California, and encourages participation in science fairs. Founded in July 1999, the Synopsys Outreach Foundation offers a program of teacher support and training, support to schools for materials and equipment, and incentives for teachers and students developing science projects. Since the foundation began, year-to-year science project support has grown to exceed one million students









Community Partners

Silicon Valley Education Foundation

Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) is a non-profit resource and advocate for students, educators, and corporate and individual donors. We drive scholastic achievement in the critical areas of math and science by combining resources and partnerships to provide innovative academic programs. We are a catalyst for policy solutions in public education. Our mission is to make Silicon Valley the leader in academically prepared students. For more information about our recent key accomplishments, read our 2011 Annual Report.


Silicon Valley Community Foundation


We provide visionary community leadership by identifying emerging challenges in our region. We address those challenges through our grantmaking programs, our research and our ability to bring together diverse groups of problem-solvers. We build and energize a community of philanthropists who strengthen the common good.

One of our core strengths is professional investment management of the funds individual and corporate donors entrust to us. Unlike financial management companies, we offer expert guidance on the art and science of giving. We use our expertise to make giving easy and effective, helping donors achieve their philanthropic goals whether local, national or international.

Our leadership is rooted in our strong point of view on social equality as well as our collaborative relationships with the nonprofit groups and institutions advancing the best ideas.


Kids in Common

Kids in Common advocates for policies, partnerships and investments that improve children’s lives in Santa Clara County.  Children need a strong public voice that promotes and protects their best interests.   Kids in Common is that voice and challenges leaders in our community to act on behalf of children.  Our vision: every child safe, healthy, successful in learning, successful in life.


The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley (HFSV)

The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley (HFSV)cultivates philanthropy and inspires Hispanic children and families to achieve personal greatness. HFSV engages leadership and bridges resources to invest in a thriving Hispanic community. Resources are directed toward educational excellence, healthy aging, leadership development, research, and convening and engaging the Hispanic community to improve the quality of life for Latinos and the Silicon Valley region.





Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education (IISME) is best known for its Summer Fellowship Program which provides paid, eight-week Fellowships for K-16 teachers in San Francisco Bay Area companies and research labs so that they can experience the ‘real world’ applications of the subjects they teach, update their curriculum to be more relevant and engaging, and better inspire their students to pursue additional coursework and careers in fields rich in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

In partnership with the business and research communities, IISME has provided over 3100 Fellowships for teachers from more than 670 schools and 123 districts reaching over 2 million students, approximately 35% of whom are educationally disadvantaged and traditionally underrepresented in science and engineering fields.  IISME Summer Fellowship Program is proven solution to help retain qualified teachers and inspire them to expand their content knowledge and improve their teaching skills.

IISME also supports inquiry-based science teaching and student-driven research through the IISME Research Collaborative.  The Research Collaborative provides consulting, stipends and supply funding for high school science teachers who are  working to increase the frequency and rigor of research-focused science teaching in their classrooms, schools and districts.



First 5

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County is a local public agency that distributes nearly $30 million in annual funding from California’s Proposition 10 Tobacco Tax to early childhood programs and services in Santa Clara County.

First 5 Programs:

Learning Together Initiative: FIRST 5 Family Resource Centers provide many FREE programs, services, and activities for families with children ages 0-5 including: fun and educational parent/child activities; child art enrichment activities; information on community resources; and developmental screenings for children ages 0-5.

 Power of Preschool: FIRST 5’s WestEd Power of Preschool (PoP) is a high quality, free, voluntary, part-day program for 3 & 4 year old children living in communities with high levels of cumulative risk and the lowest Academic Performance Index schools in Santa Clara County. The goal of PoP is to help children develop personal, social, emotional and physical competence to become effective learners and be ready to transition into kindergarten.

 CARES: Statewide professional development program for early educators to improve the quality of early learning programs by focusing on increasing the quality, effectiveness, and retention of early educators.

 I’m Ready for Kindergarten Handbook: FIRST 5 Santa Clara County and the Partnership for School Readiness created a Parent Handbook that gives straightforward tips for families to get ready for school and position their child for success in kindergarten and throughout life.


Santa Clara County School Boards Association

Founded in 1975, Santa Clara County School Boards Association offers board development services, communication, and other activities to promote public education for the thirty-two elementary, high school and unified school district Boards of Trustees in Santa Clara County and works on behalf of education advocacy, professional governance, and policy development.  In concert with the California School Boards Association (CSBA), SCCSBA seeks to build an effective foundation for the education of all children in our diverse communities.




Santa Clara County Office of Education

The Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) is a regional service agency that provides instructional and business services to the 31 school districts of Santa Clara County. The SCCOE serves students through special schools, alternative schools, Head Start and State Preschool programs, migrant education, and Regional Occupational Programs. The Office also provides curriculum support, staff development, and technology training programs directly to teachers and staff in schools countywide.

An SCCOE priority initiative is SJ2020, the collaborative effort to eliminate the achievement gap by the year 2020.  The web page for the initiative can be found here:


San Mateo County School Boards Association

The San Mateo County School Boards Association represents the 22 school districts, the Community College District and County Office of Education in San Mateo County, California.  SMCSBA supports the governance team — school board trustees, superintendents and senior administrative staff –and provides networking opportunities for its members. We are a chapter of the California School Boards Association which is involved in developing, communicating and advocating the perspective of California school districts and county offices of education.



SAMCEDA was founded in 1953 to promote business issues that enhance and sustain the economic prosperity of our region and its local communities. The message was and 60 years later remains timeless, “Business is Good, Business Brings Opportunity.”

Beyond that, the rapid pace of change and innovation locally, regionally, nationally and globally demands that SAMCEDA meet this ever-changing environment with ideas and tools that our members and partners need to remain one step ahead.  SAMCEDA leverages diversity, expertise and political capital of its membership base to form a unified and influential voice that represents the collective interests of business and community members in San Mateo County on national, state, regional and local economic and policy issues.


Cities Association of Santa Clara County

The Cities Association of Santa Clara County is a collaboration of the 15 cities of Santa Clara County, represents the  mutual interests and presents a  unified voice for the cities in dealing with other agencies, organizations, and levels of government.  The Cities Association promotes cooperation among the cities and advocates for positive action to enhance the quality of life for people in our county.

For 2012, the Cities Association has adopted three priorities: Regional Economic Development, Transportation & Sustainable Communities Strategies, and Supporting Innovative Schools to explore the role that cities can play in identifying and eliminating the achievement in our schools.


Mountain View Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1922, Chamber of Commerce Mountain View is a Silicon Valley-based public benefit corporation dedicated to enhancing the economic viability of the community. Funded by its membership of over 500 organizations and businesses, the Chamber serves as the collective voice of local business and industry. Through progressive leadership, our organization offers programs and services that support members, and in turn, support the community.

The Chamber of Commerce Mountain View is a business organization working for the mutual benefit of its members and the community by enhancing an environment in which business can succeed.

Highlighted Programs:
Art and Wine Festival:

SOAR Scholarship program


Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce

The Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce & Convention-Visitors Bureau is your business resource. For more than 60 years, the Chamber has been the leader for Santa Clara’s business community by providing educational and networking opportunities, advocating on behalf of business, and creating a strong local economy.



Business Experience Day 2012: Friday, October 26th

The Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce & Convention-Visitors Bureau, in partnership with the Santa Clara Unified School District, invites you to be a positive factor in our equation to build future business leaders.  On October 26th, we are presenting the 13th Annual Business Experience Day program.  Business Experience Day 2012 is an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to visit local businesses and learn how they operate.  The students spend the day in our area’s businesses, learning the various facets of business and gaining practical knowledge from the businessperson’s personal experiences.  Each year we have a keynote speaker talking about their experiences and how they have become successful.  Last year’s speaker was Dr. Laurel Jones, President of Mission College.  Additionally, all proceeds from the event are put into a scholarship fund that is awarded at the end of the school year to graduating seniors that participated in the program (the individual schools determine the scholarship awardees).


San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce

Serving at as the region’s voice of business since 1886, the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce speaks on issues of importance to businesses across the Santa Clara Valley. Our membership ranges from large Fortune 500 firms to small, family-owned businesses. They share a common understanding: Protecting and improving the Silicon Valley business climate is the key to our future economic prosperity.  Our mission is to cultivate and nurture a strong regional economy.

SJSV Chamber’s annual program of work is led by a 70-member board that consists of business leaders from across the Silicon Valley’s diverse and varied economic sectors. Acting on behalf of our 1,500 members, the chamber creates nearly 100 programs and events for members that build a strong local economy and provide premier business connections and exposure to companies that represent nearly 250,000 employees throughout the region. Annually, the chamber’s resources make nearly 90,000 business referrals to our members.  With our members continued support, we can ensure that Silicon Valley remains the best choice for business and a great place to live, work, play and raise a family.

Drive a Strong Regional Economy

Our purpose is to help the region’s businesses prosper by providing the information and resources
they need to locate, grow, expand and succeed.

 Provide Business Connections and Visibility Opportunities

We connect members to the people, information, resources and opportunities they seek to be successful in their endeavors.

 Represent Business Interests to Government

We are committed to positively shaping our region by advocating on behalf of our member businesses
to ensure that civic and community leaders plan for a prosperous future.

 Promote Our Community

As the region’s leading voice of business, it is our duty to elevate our regional strengths, competitive
advantages and identity. We actively support our community through leadership in volunteerism and

 Initiate Political and Community Action

We advocate for and champion policy initiatives and candidates that advance the region’s economic
climate and quality of life, and promote and support community involvement.


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