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Higher Education

This week, I was asked to testify in our state Capitol before the Joint Committee on the Master Plan for Higher Education.Seated before a dozen Senators and Assemblymembers, I focused on a simple truth – California’s historically outstanding higher education system – both public and private schools – has fostered…

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Governance Reform

There's a lot of talk in Sacramento and around the state these days about budget and governance reform. That's good - with an unemployment rate about 12 percent, a Legislature who's approval ratings in today’s Field Poll hover at 16 percent and a Capital filled primarily with well-meaning people who…

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Health Care Reform

Here is some "Food for Thought" that aired Tuesday on 1590 AM KLIV during "The CEO Show," which I host:Currently, Congress and President Obama are putting their final touches on what they hope will be comprehensive health care reform. Since health care accounts for one-sixth of the American economy, the…

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