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A’s to San Jose

Silicon Valley and San Jose are known world-wide for innovation and invention.Yet when it comes to sports and cultural amenities for our workers and their families, we're still in the minor leagues.This November, citizens of San Jose can change that. Thanks to the leadership of Mayor Chuck Reed, Councilmember Sam…

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Attend Plug-in Public Night

For years, automakers in America and abroad eschewed the idea that car-buyers would be interested in electric vehicles. Now, they are embracing it. Just here in Silicon Valley, we have electric vehicle automakers like Tesla, and infrastructure suppliers like Better Place and Coulumb Technologies making strong advances in the market.…

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Rev. Paul Locatelli

On Monday, Silicon Valley lost a giant. Father Paul Locatelli, former President of Santa Clara University, passed away from pancreatic cancer. He was 71 years old.Paul turned an inward-focused institution into a community-focused University that taught students to be both educated and ethical. In a Valley filled with smart people,…

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BART on track

They say “good things often come in threes,” and that has certainly been true for the long-desired BART extension to Silicon Valley – with three pieces of great news in the past few weeks. First, on June 24, the federal government announced that the first segment of the 16 mile…

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I recently sent an email to a well-respected journalist cursing and belittling her story. A friend of mine is a top publisher of a newspaper, who recently emailed his entire newsroom berating their efforts. A school teacher I know recently sent an email attacking a student. What do we all…

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November 2

In 150 days, Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman will be elected Governor of California, the eighth largest economy in the world.With California in crisis, and our great state at a crossroads, we need straight talk and solid solutions from each of these intelligent and articulate candidates. From the perspective of…

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