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Technology for the Common Good

One thing you have to understand about Silicon Valley: We really don’t know what we are doing. That’s not an indictment. We have wonderfully gifted people working at the edge of what is known, where great discoveries are made. But we can’t see the future of technology. And, as with…

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Does the Solution to Tech-Lash and California’s Workforce Shortage Lie within California’s Community Colleges?

Spend five minutes reading #BigTech or #Gentrification posts on Twitter or Instagram and you’ll realize how constant, and increasingly negative, discussions about Silicon Valley’s innovation economy have become. These posts blame the Bay Area’s biggest employers for singlehandedly creating the environment that leads to the displacement of people of color…

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Traffic Relief: It’s about time

Traffic Relief: It's about time. Time wasted on increasingly congested commutes.  Time wasted away from our families.  Time lost traveling between home and work. As our 2019 Silicon Valley Competitiveness Project data shows, between 2010 and 2017, average commute time in the Valley has increased by 21 percent.  On average,…

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Business Leaders, Environmental Advocates, and Policymakers Convene at #ESS19

The Leadership Group held its seventh annual Silicon Valley Energy & Sustainability Summit on June 14th at Oracle’s Conference Center in Redwood City, and the theme this year was “Catalyzing Transformational Leadership for Climate Action.” The day-long summit--branded #ESS19--brought together professionals from the private, public, and non-profit sectors to discuss…

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Don’t Talk about AI

Jaywalking. That was what former Tonight Show host Jay Leno called his interviews with people on the streets, asking about history or current events. Most of their answers, you’ll recall, were delightfully wrong. Abraham Lincoln identified as the first President. A furrowed brow when asked the country where the Panama…

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