25×25 Pledge

A Silicon Valley Movement

The 25×25 Pledge challenges Silicon Valley and Bay Area companies to increase their diversity in business leadership by setting a goal of filling 25% of executive positions with hires from underrepresented groups by 2025 or pledging that the number of underrepresented individuals in leadership roles will increase by at least 25% by 2025.

Companies that take the 25×25 pledge commit to the following actions:

    • • Reporting – Diversity information and progress toward meeting committed metrics to be shared by pledged member companies annually
    • • Educating – Provide employee training annually to foster inclusion and reduce unconscious bias – with the best practices shared and disseminated by SVLG
    • • Funding – Commit to increasing resources by 25% by 2025 for funding and/or community engagement in support of underrepresented groups and the expansion of minority talent pipelines

Our Premier Partner

The 25x25 Pledge is a key part of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s mission to promote innovation, competitiveness, and sustainability and outlines the most comprehensive game plan to diversify businesses in the region and nation. Our premier partner in this multi-year initiative is the Bay Area Council (BAC).

"We are proud to partner with SVLG to increase the representation of communities of color & women in business leadership and encourage more transparency, education & financial commitment via the 25x25 initiative."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the background of the 25x25 Pledge?
How is “underrepresented leadership” defined?
If we meet the 25% leadership goal, can we still take the 25x25 Pledge?
How will my company be expected to share our annual diversity data?
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How do I sign up for Pledge 25x25?

Take the Pledge!

Do you have any questions and are interested in taking the 25x25 Pledge? Reach out below to start the conversation!

Audrey Soriano, Sr. Associate of Racial Justice & Equity Policy: [email protected]

"It's the right thing to do to meet this moment. But, the bottom line is the bottom line. We leave revenue, market share, and innovation on the table when our decision-makers and leadership teams don't reflect the communities that we serve."
Ahmad Thomas
CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group

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