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Thirty-six candidates running in 10 different races responded to our March 2020 Primary Candidate Questionnaire this year, answering questions relevant to the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s policy priorities.

The races were among the most prominent in the Silicon Valley region.

A few notes to make the most out of the responses:

  • Questions have been shortened to save resources and to make the responses easier to go through. The questions in their entirety have been included at the end. 
  • Responses are unedited for spelling, grammar, and format, and are exactly as the candidates submitted them
  • Click on a name below to view the completed form of each candidate. At the top of each submission, under the candidate’s name, is the position they are running for followed by their current occupation

San Jose City Council

Sergio Jimenez: District 2

Jonathan Fleming: District 2

David Cohen: District 4

Lan Diep: District 4

Huy Tran: District 4

Andrew Boone: District 6

Devora Davis: District 6

Jake Tonkel: District 6

Sylvia Arenas: District 8

Jim Zito: District 8

Vinh Do: District 10

Jenny Higgins Bradanini: District 10

Matt Mahan: District 10

Helen Wang: District 10

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

Kansen Chu: District 3

Otto Lee: District 3 

Magdalena Carrasco: District 3

John S. Leyba: District 3

State Assembly/Senate

Jim Canova: State Assembly, District 25

Natasha Gupta: State Assembly, District 25

Anne Kepner: State Assembly, District 25

Alex Lee: State Assembly, District 25

Carmen Montano: State Assembly, District 25

Anthony Phan: State Assembly, District 25

Anna Song: State Assembly, District 25

Michael Brownrigg: State Senate, District 13

Josh Becker: State Senate, District 13

Sally Lieber: State Senate District 13

Shelly Masur: State Senate, District 13

Annie Oliva: State Senate, District 13

Johnny Khamis: State Senate, District 15

Dave Cortese: State Senate, District 15

Nora Campos: State Senate, District 15

Tim Gildersleeve: State Senate, District 15

Ann Ravel: State Senate, District 15

John Laird: State Senate, District 17

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