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$2 Trillion for D.C. to Act On

Here’s food for thought . . . $2 trillion.

Now that is a lot of money, even by Washington, D.C. standards.

Yet that is what might be available, thanks to innovative, creative, globally-competitive American employers who have successfully won in overseas markets around the world.

Here’s where Washington comes in – two Senators, one perceived to be on the far left; California’s own Barbara Boxer, and one perceived to be on the far right; Kentucky Republican Rand Paul, have forged a bipartisan proposal that would encourage employers to bring those hard-won dollars back to the United States, by offering a temporary tax rate of 6 percent and investing those tax dollars to rebuild America’s crumbling transportation system.

This could be a triple-win:

  • American workers, families, employers and our economy win by re-investing in our roads, highways, transit and bridges, which are currently crumbled and congested.
  • American employers and workers win by billions of dollars, earned overseas, coming back to the United States for investments in employees, facilities, equipment, Research & Development and shareholders.
  • Our federal government wins by proving it can work together in bi-partisan fashion to secure funds that would otherwise never come back to the United States, due to a broken tax system that penalizes American employers with the least-competitive tax rate in the world.

Are there sound reasons for our federal government to act? Yes, I can think of two trillion of them.

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